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Product Description Writing


Whether or not a product sells is based on two main aspects – the pictures and the description.

Here at Context Genesis, we let you worry about the pretty pictures and instead we focus on creative product descriptions that sell. We can even create SEO product descriptions that read naturally but can improve your website ranking. Use our product description writing services to enhance your eCommerce site.

Why Add A Detailed Product Description?

Many eCommerce sites don’t think to add detailed product descriptions to their fabulous products. Maybe they don’t know how to write a product description well, or maybe they don’t have the time. However, the more information a customer has about a product, the more likely they are to want to make a purchase. Here’s why you should use our product description writing services:

1. Repeat Customers

Providing extra information such as colour options, product care, and how to use the product can be incredibly helpful to consumers. When people know how to use a product, they are more likely to actually use it. If people use a product and like it, when it runs out or breaks, they will want to buy another one, and that can equate to more repeat customers for you.

2. Authenticity

The more that you can show you know about a product, the better. That’s because it suggests to site visitors that you have actually seen and used this product. Sure, you may use a drop shipping method, but most sites would rather that their customers assume that they are highly familiar with the products in question.

3. Target Your Audience

It’s highly likely that you have a target demographic in mind that you’re looking to sell your phenomenal products to. We can write product descriptions that appeal to your target audience. By considering the wants and needs of this audience, we create engaging descriptions to entice people to buy your products.

Why Hire Context

Genesis For Your

Product Description

Writing Needs?


Here at Context Genesis, we create fantastic product descriptions which tell a story about your products. Whether it’s tempting a customer to buy a pair of sunglasses or convincing someone they need new tyres for their car, we can do it all.

Get in touch today for a free consultation to find out how our product description writing services can elevate your eCommerce website.

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