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Why Create A Content Calendar?

Having trouble writing blog posts and publishing them as often as you had planned to? That’s where content calendars come in. They provide some structure for how regularly you post. If you create a schedule and stick to it, you will start to see a boost in how many site visitors you receive.

There are plenty of content calendar templates you can find online which provide a great starting point for creating your own.

What Is A Content Calendar?

Content calendars are an integral part of any good marketing plan. They provide a strategy for how often you create and publish upcoming pieces. A content calendar should also include promotional activities such as sharing your posts to social media and any planned updates to your current content.

Why Have A Content Calendar?

It may seem overly complicated to create a content calendar when you can instead just decide to post once a week. So, why write it down? There are many benefits to creating a content calendar that will help you to grow your business – and you can use a content calendar template to make it easier!

1. Teamwork

When you work within a team and multiple people are responsible for publishing content, you need to ensure that this occurs in a structured manner. Avoid all of your posts being published at the same time with a content schedule that outlines who is responsible for posting at which times. That way you can even out how often your posts are coming out which will increase engagement and stop posts quickly getting lost when too many come out at once.

2. Accountability

By writing down your plan of action and when you will do each task by, you can hold yourself accountable for getting it done. Even if your blog is more of a hobby, this is still a good way of making sure that you write what you said you were going to.

If you are using the blog as a way to promote your business, then it can be easy to get overwhelmed with tasks and this is one that often gets pushed to the back burner. However, you need to make sure you prioritise your blogs as it shows that your site is current and active with new content being added all the time.

3. Planning

By having a map of what’s happening and knowing what content has been planned, you can see in a glance whether there are any gaps. For example, maybe you didn’t realise that you don’t have any Facebook content planned in the next month, or your writers are all planning similar posts. When you know what’s on the plan, you can start improving it.

Content Calendar Components

The most useful content calendars should be created on a platform that enables them to be shared amongst multiple employees. This ensures that everyone is on the same page and knows what’s coming up. Content calendars are also a great place to add new ideas and get feedback on these from your peers or staff. Then you can add them into the upcoming plan. Here are the other essential components of your content calendar:


Editorial refers to the upcoming pieces of content you’re going to create. This can be anything from podcasts to e-books to blogs. It also includes any social media posts such as photos and captions for Instagram.

Organise and schedule all of your upcoming content to keep track of everything and make sure that it all gets done.


There’s not a lot of point in creating content if you’re not going to promote it. That’s why a content calendar also needs to include details of how you’re going to promote your content.

Maybe you will share it on social media such as LinkedIn, Pinterest, or Facebook. Or perhaps it’s details of an email marketing campaign. Include this in your calendar to ensure that you are promoting via a variety of platforms across each week or month.

How Context Genesis Can Help

If you’re having trouble staying on top of writing content because you’re distracted by other business concerns, you’re much like many other business owners who find themselves in the same boat. So why not give yourself the space to focus on what you do best? Concentrate on the elements of your business where you can add the most value and outsource your blog writing to Context Genesis.

Grab yourself a free content calendar template and let us take care of the rest. Give us the blog topics and after conducting thorough research, we will write a well-crafted post to engage your readers. Don’t have time to come up with blog ideas? Let us do that for you too! Contact us today to discuss your blog-writing needs.

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